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CEIS offers a wide range of services, including security-cleared professionals, to the critical energy infrastructure sector.

Engineers and Businesspeople


CEIS provides niche engineering resources across various skillsets to assist clients across a project lifecycle. The engineers can assist in design, configuration, initial power plant testing, nuclear operations, nuclear construction / start-up, and construction engineering.

Construction Manager


CEIS offers extensive experience in construction management, ensuring compliance with codes, as well as delivering high-quality products on expected timeframes and budgetary guidelines. Our construction management and inspection professionals ensure projects are in conformance with regulations, manage and direct the daily operation of projects to minimize delays, and assist client management in scheduling and quality assurance.

Crane Operator


Our consultants can prepare and document safety analysis and hazard controls in accordance with the government-approved safety basis for a Hazard Category to provide reasonable assurance that a facility can be operated in safely in a manner that adequately protects workers, the public, and the environment. Ask us to assist with safety oversight, new hire training, construction-specific compliance trainings, incident investigation and injury case management, job hazard analysis, daily and weekly job site audits, and more.”



We have expertise in providing blue-collar skilled labor to clients, including mechanics, technicians, electricians, welders, fitters, carpenters, machinists, ironworkers, and more. We know that the types of skills needed over the life of a project varies, so we strive to offer our solutions for every stage of your project.

Hands Repairing Air Conditioner


CEIS has a history of past performance providing environmental compliance services across a wide array of subject areas, from air-permitting and management support services to consulting support for waste management. We offer testing, adjusting, and balancing services for HVAC and other environmental systems to document and achieve ideal air and hydronic flow rates across various applications, including cleanrooms and other areas seeking to reduce contamination.

Construction Managers


Our staff manages throughout the project lifecycle, ranging from quick turnaround, short-term projects to complex schedules and cost controls for multi-million dollar projects. Our team utilizes industry-leading tools (including Primavera) for project management, planning, controls, and scheduling to ensure projects are on schedule and on budget.

Business Team


Our clients rely on us to provide a wide range of other services, including asset management and technical & systems support. Contact us to see if we can provide a solution for you!

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